From a very fundamental level our church is led by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  As in the Scriptures, God uses people in our community to help us lead and guide the church based on the truths of Scripture and the promptings of the Spirit.

Five groups guide the faith life of our community - Staff, elders, deacons, board of directors, and ministry leaders.  

STAFF - Church staff runs the day to day operations of the church.  This includes, but not exclusively, the Lead Pastor & Worship Coordinator.

ELDERS - Elders are responsible for the spiritual growth and direction of the church.  Elder appoint is based on Scripture (Titus 1:5 and 1 Timothy 3:1) and through the testimony of others, particularly an individual's small group.  BRCC elders generally meet monthly with other prayer meetings added in throughout the year. The Lead Pastor is also an elder.

DEACONS - Deacons are responsible for the physical care of individuals inside and outside our community.  They care for the sick and administer the compassion fund.  Deacon appointment is based on Scripture (1 Timothy 3:8) and through the testimony of others.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The board takes care of the business and financial aspects of the church.  They coordinate ministry resources based on ministry need and elder direction.

MINISTRY LEADERS - Ministry leaders are responsible for the growth and implementation of the church's vision for their ministry.  They coordinate with the church staff regarding their ministries part of the vision of the church.



Chrissy Soucy, Chris Jones, John Erwin, Raul Rodriguez, Ruth Mackiewicz                                   care@brookridge.org


Lead Pastor: Russ Greenwood                                                              russ.greenwood@brookridge.org


Terri Lee, Noemi Rodriguez, Merrie Cataldo                                                  deacons@brookridge.org


KidZone: Chrysty Bolte                                                                                   kidzone@brookridge.org

Identity Youth: Wallace & Sarah Sheppard                                                      identity@brookridge.org

Tech Team: Brendan Mackenzie                                                                    techteam@brookridge.org

Music Ministry: Ari Krikke                                                                 musicministry@brookridge.org

Connections: Tracy Young                                                                         connections@brookridge.org

Men’s Ministry: Russ Greenwood                                                           mensministry@brookridge.org

Women’s Ministry: Kerri Wilkes                                                        womensministry@brookridge.org

Small Groups: BrookRidge Elders                                                                          care@brookridge.org

Meals Ministry: Chris & Melissa Jones                                                               meals@brookridge.org