Our community has a heart to reach out to those around us - its a calling that God has given to us based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  We proactively reach out to our community several ways:

MEALS MINISTRY - BrookRidge serves a free meal the last Sunday of every month from 4pm-5:30pm to all who are in need in the Haverhill community.  If you would like to volunteer, contact meals@brookridge.org

OUTREACH - We try to instill two concepts in the church.  First, everyone is responsible for outreach - its not the job of the staff or the outreach team.  Second, that the best outreach is personal outreach - it doesn't come through an event or "system."  Everyone is encouraged to outreach to their "circle of influence" and share what God has done in their lives.  That being said, we do believe that big events provide opportunities to reach people that we normally would not come in contact with.  Whether it's participation in Kidsfest, a Christmas experience, or concert, we try and have events that will introduce the truth of Christ to them.

Part of our outreach is helping those in physical need - people who need food, shelter, gas, fuel assistance, etc.  Our community is very active and well known in the area as a place where people can come for help.  All help is coordinated through the deacons.

MISSIONS - Often we need to get out of our comfort zone in order for God to do a new work in us or change our perspective: missionary work can do that!  BrookRidge supports international missions work in both Costa Rica and in Kenya, and we've done missions trips to Washington D.C. and Costa Rica.