Small Groups

Small groups are really, along with Sunday worship, the lifeblood of the church.  On Sunday you have everyone together clapping, singing, and worshiping - that's great but it's not really conducive to building relationships.  So we encourage everyone to participate in a small group.  We have small groups that meet at numerous times throughout the week.  They study a variety of things, but sometimes we study the same thing.  Some groups are designed for young couples, some for empty-nesters, some just for women, etc.  Groups size ranges from 8-18 (we try and keep them under 20). In small group you connect with people and really get to share life together.  Currently we have about 70% of our adult community in small groups. One example of a group is our Mom's Group that meets during the week and has child care.   If you have other questions or want more info on a small group you can email us at