Music Ministry

We love every opportunity to give glory to God at BrookRidge!  Because of this, our music ministry is dedicated to engaging our congregation in God-honoring worship through song, scripture reading, and prayer. We aim to keep it exciting every week by offering music that may come from Christian radio, hymnals, Top 40 radio, etc.  The main goal is to create an atmosphere for people to hear and respond to God's word.  Our band is made up of a great mix of professional and volunteer musicians, and we are always looking to add to the mix.  For more information about this ministry, or to inquire about being a part of it, please contact Ari Krikke at musicministry@brookridge.org.

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Tech Team

Lights, Sound, Projection - At the back of our sanctuary is the control center for our Sunday morning celebrations.  There are 3 components - Lights, Sound, & Projection.  All 3 areas are run by volunteers who have been trained up to use the tools for each area to create an engaging atmosphere for worship.  If you have questions or would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Brendan at scangraffix@comcast.net.